After the Funeral

Holding a funeral or memorial service for your loved one is a positive first step in the grieving process. Family members and friends get a chance to say their goodbyes and, at the same time, they get to share strong feelings with one another.

In the days, weeks, and months following the service, people continue to need others to lean on for understanding, encouragement, and guidance. For that reason, many local and national support groups have formed. These groups provide a common place and a comforting environment for expressing emotions through each phase of the grieving process. To learn more, click on the links below or discuss grief counseling and support options with your funeral director.


At McComas Funeral Home, our caring does not stop after the funeral of your loved one. McComas Funeral Home continues to provide support for you and your family through its Grief Share Program and our annual memorial service.





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At McComas Funeral Home, we believe that after the services are concluded and the friends have gone, the need for support is still there, and so are we.


McComas Funeral Home has an active aftercare program.


In about one week from the date of services, an aftercare coordinator will be contacting the arranging member of your family to offer to meet in person or by phone to review some of the following helpful information:

  1. Provide a complete checklist of things to do after the funeral service.
  2. Contact information and a list of documentation that social security may require.
  3. Contact information and a list of documentation that the Veterans Department may require.
  4. Legal and financial information gathering all financial and credit obligations. Canceling all credit cards and notifying all financial institutions and inform them of a death and inquire if the loan was covered with a credit life policy.
  5. Information on taking steps for the probating of a will.
  6. Dealing with grief, defining and understanding the three stages of grief.
  7. Taking steps toward recovery: We provide an extensive list on how to work towards the recovery of grief.
  8. Bereavement Assistance: We provide an extensive list of Bereavement Assistance Organizations in the Baltimore area as well as a list of local Harford County Bereavement Groups.
  9. Healing thoughts for the newly widowed. Specific information for newly widowed spouses that will give them direction and understanding of their personal feelings.
  10. Address loved ones questions and fulfill their needs.
  11. Address concerns loved ones may have with their families' visitation and services

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