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Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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What an uplifting experience we had from McComas Funeral Home. We can't say enough about Holly and the entire staff that work there. The care and attention they put into every detail was absolutely amazing. So many little touches that personalized the day meant so much to us. They were able to take such a sorrowful time in our lives and turn it into something so beautiful - - a real celebration of our dad's life. Holly took so much care of my mother getting her to and from the grave site you would of thought she was her daughter. Thank you for a beautiful day.

Doug Koryto

October 27, 2022

I will start with want can be improved. Absolutely nothing. The service was top notch, professional and caring. Staff bent over backwards to ensure the comfort of the family and guests. The prepared picture tribute was much better than we had thought it would be. It was obvious that the person who put that together was caring and selected a theme that fit perfectly with the deceased and the family. The most meaningful to me was the way the Funeral Director and other staff members were so attentive to the needs of the family. It is so clear why they have a great reputation. Transportation of the deceased to the graveside at the cemetery was very professional and care was taken to make sure no one became detached or lost in transit. Very caring and responsive. I would like to specifically recognize Jordan Thompson for her extremely sensitive and professional assistance in helping us through the process. My wife, daughters, and I were very impressed with everything she did. Those that helped her were also very good, but Jordan’s soft manner helped my wife get through this entire process. Thank you.

Jaime Vega

October 03, 2022

I was very impressed with everything. Charlie worked very hard to make sure everything went well. I couldn’t have asked for better care of my husband as well as myself. Charlie and the clerical staff gave exemplary care. Absolutely nothing to improve upon.

Bobbie Cole

October 01, 2022

McComas team was great and very accommodating. There were only a couple of minor hiccups, but overall it was everything and more than I could have dreamed of for my wife. Their care and attentiveness were outstanding. They made the experience comforting. Charlie Emge is an incredible human being.

Norman Moyano

September 30, 2022

We have never dealt with this before and appreciated the expertise and kindness throughout the process. David looked peaceful and at rest. This helped all of us tremendously given the condition he was in post EMT efforts to revive him. We got to say goodbye in a positive way. Charlie was wonderful. The deacon, Deacon Vic, was a perfect selection for our service. Kindness and caring came through them both.

Kathy Archibald

September 29, 2022

We were so impressed with the Jarrettsville location and the fact that we were the only family and the overall layout of the rooms.


September 27, 2022

The personal service from Cora was excellent; she was very professional. I cannot remember all the names, but everyone was professional, and the personal attention was very impressive.

Kathleen Brady

September 22, 2022

McComas was very helpful during a difficult time.


September 02, 2022

Not one thing could be done to improve. All of you were great.


September 01, 2022

Holly McComas and other staff members were very accommodating to my wishes for my son. Everything was excellent.

Christine Henn

August 29, 2022

Everyone was very supportive. They were excellent.


August 03, 2022

Staff was very courteous and professional. They did all they could to accommodate our needs.


August 03, 2022

The services provided during memorial service were meaningful. Most staff members we were in contact with were professional and respectful.


August 01, 2022

All of my family has been taken care of by the McComas family and I am truly grateful for the caring and thoughtful help they have given me over the years. Haleigh and Ryan really were understanding and they put me at ease. The McComas family and staff are just wonderful!

Susan Derlunas

July 26, 2022

Very pleased with McComas Family Funeral Home. They were very compassionate...everything was perfect.

James Hamilton

July 25, 2022

Not a single “bump”. Their flexibility and kindness were most meaningful. Kim was wonderful.

Craig Piercy

July 22, 2022

My family isn’t from Maryland. When my wife passed, a nurse at Johns Hopkins recommended McComas to me. The services they offered me at my time of grief was above and beyond. All the staff cared and listened to what I wanted. I never felt rushed or just another client. God bless everyone at McComas. Thank you for everything and giving me comfort in this difficult time.

Jonathan Hewitt

July 19, 2022

Everyone was wonderful. Everything was great. Holly McComas and all the staff were wonderful and did everything we asked.

Larry LeMoine

July 14, 2022

From the initial contact all the way through the funeral and graveside service I was overwhelmed with the caring and sensitive treatment I and my family received. Nothing I asked for was too difficult and my every request was treated with respect. I could not have asked for a more beautiful tribute to my husband. I can’t think of anything they could have done to improve our experience. John’s death occurred at home and was sudden and shocking, but when Haleigh and George came to retrieve the remains, they had some difficulty removing him from the room due to furniture and boxes being in the way. Despite this he was treated tenderly and with the greatest respect. When I arrived at the church for the family viewing, I was pleased with the appearance of the body. He looked very natural, and his hair was cut nicely. Also, I did not have any paperwork regarding the grave and I asked if they could check to see what needed to be done on my part. To my great relief that was all handled for me. Every single person with whom I had contact was kind, sympathetic, and respectful. I can’t think of anything I would have called poor service. I would like to recognize Mr. Howard McComas for his kindness to my brother Pete Steps.


July 08, 2022

McComas staff and services were EXCELLENT! Everyone who worked with me felt like a family member. They were kind, friendly, very professional, and did everything perfectly! Melissa, Cora, and Amy worked with me directly and were beyond FANTASTIC! I had brief encounters with others and they were EXCELLENT as well.

AnnMarie Shanahan

June 30, 2022

The staff was wonderful, professional, but also very, very caring. My husband had to have a portion of his hair shaved but they were able to do magic and made him appear as nothing had been done to his hair. We appreciated so much and it made our children feel better. They handled every aspect of the arrangements wonderfully and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing their services. Tiffany was wonderful with helping make the arrangements. I will be honest but the days were so draining on me that I can’t remember the name of the gentleman who helped us during the viewing and service. He was so thoughtful and compassionate with my whole family. I’m sorry I can’t remember his name right now.

Pam O'Connor

June 28, 2022

Most meaningful to me was the viewing room and how peaceful Nancy looked. Nancy was cremated and I didn’t know how she would look when I saw her for the last time. But she was beautiful even after what Alzheimer's had done to her. Every staff member helped me through this hard time and followed up in the weeks after.

John B. McComas III

June 25, 2022

My mom’s services were prearranged. From the moment I called the funeral home to tell them she passed until the moment her memorial service was over, everyone we spoke to was very friendly, kind, and helpful during this difficult time. Douglas Restrick did an excellent job on my mom’s memorial service. Everyone thought he knew her.


June 22, 2022

I liked the location and brightness of the Chapel and the preparation of Mom who was not embalmed. Holly’s sweet spirit in all her service to us at the chapel and graveside and Amy Hollin in her follow up with us was most meaningful.


June 15, 2022

Everyone was very helpful, caring, very professional and kind.


June 06, 2022

Everything was lovely. Their empathy was appreciated.


June 04, 2022

From the initial contact to the graveside service and everything in between the compassion, flexibility, and professionalism was top notch. McComas made us feel like family! Ryan was absolutely wonderful. He walked us through everything, making what we had anticipated would be an overwhelming experience very easy. He was always available to answer questions/concerns with great follow-up. Tiffany was fantastic as well with making the actual day of services go smoothly.


June 01, 2022

Kim Zavrotny made us feel at ease at this trying time. She welcomed us as if we were part of her family. I would recommend her and McComas Funeral Home to anyone in their time of need.

Earl Wood

May 31, 2022

Haleigh made the service so much better. Knowing she was there taking care of it all got us through it. She was so kind and helped with everything! The personal care they gave to our family was most meaningful. Haleigh Plummer gave exemplary care and made it feel like family was helping!!

Rhonda Arnold

May 30, 2022

All personnel were very professional. They listened to our specific needs and complied. Cora Gray did an outstanding job and made recommendations and followed through.


May 27, 2022

The service was simply outstanding from the time the body was picked up at the home and it continued. I loved the long stem white rose left on her bed after her body was taken. What a beautiful thought. Everyone could not have been better. They made sure I was completely satisfied, and I was. Everything was very meaningful and will not be forgotten. Tiffany did a fantastic job with everything.


May 25, 2022

They did a great job and I was very happy with everything.


May 02, 2022

As the saying goes...death is for the living...and it was. Holly, Haleigh, and Charlie added every personal touch one could imagine. The most meaningful things were the kind and compassionate words, the honor for the retired military, the casket car flags. Holly said it was her honor to know the family of Elizabeth Kruger. Holly did her homework, searched the internet, and knew before our meeting that she was trusted to care for a wonderful person.

Nancy Kruger

May 01, 2022

The services provided by McComas Family Funeral Home far exceeded our expectations. Our directors Kim Zavrotny and Cora Parrish were exceptional. They went above and beyond to ensure that everything was perfect. Everything was perfect. Every detail was addressed professionally and with much dignity. Our family and friends were very moved by the video tribute that was produced for my wife, Luann Horn. Mark H and Brian showed exemplary care in their respectful transport of Luann from our home to McComas. Kim Zavrotny and Cora Parrish’s attention to detail and professionalism should be recognized.

Kenneth Horn Jr.

April 30, 2022

Ryan Hughes was excellent to work with. He was caring and provided advice and direction in many areas. His follow-up was excellent. We would recommend him to any of our friends.

Rick Gebhardt

April 27, 2022

The prepaid services were a big relief during a difficult time. The staff was considerate and professional at all times. I have really appreciated the constant support and guidance through the whole process. Holly McComas was who I worked with the most and she was excellent!


April 14, 2022

The staff made it very easy to handle this. They were very caring and I thank them greatly. Everyone who helped me was very nice and helpful with questions I had.


April 04, 2022

Everyone at McComas was very professional and courteous. They made a difficult time much easier.


April 02, 2022

I was extremely satisfied with the service that McComas gave to me and my sons when my husband passed away. They couldn’t have been more helpful and compassionate to us. They were very thorough in explaining all the paperwork and gave me time to absorb all the information before making a decision. I would really like to thank Holly McComas for helping us through this difficult time. Her care and attention to all the details made the process much easier to get through.

Hope Conrad

March 31, 2022

Everyone was wonderful. Very caring and empathetic.

Reverend William Lasley

March 29, 2022

Cora was wonderful to work with. She did an excellent job. Her calm demeanor made us feel at ease and helped us through this stressful time. She worked calmly with all of our questions and requests. They did their best to accommodate our dates and wishes. The facility was lovely and everyone we encountered was friendly. Two young men came to the home to retrieve my dad’s body (he passed at home) were also very caring and sensitive. I forgot their names but they were wonderful too.

Kim Hagy

March 25, 2022

The video tribute was excellent. The staff on the day of the funeral service was excellent. I wish they had a piano player on staff as finding one was pretty difficult. Kasi Hughes was great. Funeral Service staff on duty for the service were excellent. Office staff like Amy was excellent. Gail Dennison was extremely helpful.

Michael Corey

March 23, 2022

Ryan went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy with the arrangements. He even met with me the day before the viewing in order to plan a set-up that would allow my granddaughter to attend both viewings without having to see her great-grandfather's body. We were elated to see the sign that was placed in the adjoining room “This table reserved for Emmylou” decorated with a unicorn. I think we may have stolen that frame. Sorry about that. But she loved it so much...The room set-up worked out perfectly. Howard and his assistant came up with fast solutions on the fly in order to allow us to present some of my Dad’s treasured items and photos we brought. We have received so many compliments on what a nice service it was. We truly thank everyone at McComas Funeral Home for everything they did to make this easy on us. We all felt like we were in the most capable hands. I really liked that we were the only family there for both services. That made it easy in terms of available parking and security. Ryan Hughes was exceptional from the minute he returned my phone call until he told me that he would not be there for the ceremony, but that the family would be in capable hands. When Howard McComas took over he too was exceptional.

Theresa Simon

March 16, 2022

Thank you! All aspects were great and professional.

Frank Isella

March 09, 2022

Ryan Hughes was a blessing to work with during a difficult time. The way we were treated by staff was a blessing.

Barbara Hartzell

March 02, 2022

You guys are the best! I highly recommend you!

Mitzy Dillman

February 28, 2022

The experience was wonderful, although the circumstances are somber. We appreciate the kindness, compassion, helpfulness, and multitude of services to encourage and support the family. Everyone was pleasant, kind, and helpful. The care with the body and time taken to make mom look beautiful (actually, to showcase her beauty) was very meaningful. The cosmetologist was superb! Mom looked beautiful. The kindness and compassion and support in every way was very comforting and meaningful. Ryan was very kind and helpful and should be commended. Everyone was wonderful--front desk, Judy, staff at funeral--just a great job.


February 27, 2022

Everyone we came in contact with treated us with respect (and were never condescending, but always courteous). The private graveside service was simple and peaceful--just as we wanted. Both my husband and I communicated this in the first meeting. Missie, Christopher, and Clyde gave exemplary service.


February 27, 2022

McComas Jarrettsville did an amazing job with my husbands service. The staff went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of. They were compassionate, patient and kind. Everything was set up just perfectly and went very smoothly for such an emotional day. I also talked to employees at the other two locations and they were great too.

Denise Moss

February 25, 2022

McComas did an exceptional job on the cremation service and gathering of my father. They went above and beyond with their kindness and thoughtfulness. Ryan Hughes did a wonderful job handling everything and keeping us informed. Haleigh did a great job setting up and just caring.


February 15, 2022

McComas Funeral Home went out of their way to ensure our family was taken care of during this tough time. They made sure the service went as our family desired and honored our lost family member. Both Kasi Hughes and Mr. Howard McComas IV were wonderful and attentive.

Lori Warfield

February 12, 2022

Kim Zavrotny was very helpful and caring throughout the entire process. All staff and members of the funeral service were courteous and helpful.

Jeffrey Robinson

February 10, 2022

McComas has outstanding customer service and exceeded all of my expectations. Steve, a funeral director, was absolutely outstanding from start to finish. He guided me and our family throughout the entire funeral. Kasi also did an amazing job with her communication throughout the entire process.

Erin Brouillard

February 08, 2022

We had my mother’s services here a few years ago and everyone was helpful and very caring so there was no question that McComas was the first choice for my father’s services as well. Kim was very helpful and friendly. Also Deb, the clergy provided, did great and with the little detail she had was able to provide a very heartfelt service that meant alot to me personally.

Kyle Martin

February 05, 2022

Kasi gave exemplary care.

Teri King

February 03, 2022

Kim was very helpful and very caring. She made a very difficult time much easier


February 02, 2022

They made everything easy in a horrible time of my life.


February 01, 2022

I did look at another funeral home first because they ‘advertised’ specifically a ‘celebration of life’ and I wanted my dad’s service to be just that. But after speaking with the other business and then speaking with McComas I realized McComas may not advertise that as a ‘tag line’, but through their professionalism and care I was assured they would offer me just the same. In the end my family chose McComas. It is closer to our home but that was not a deciding factor. The deciding factor was the assurance of care and dignity that we received from the first phone call. I worked specifically with Ryan at Abingdon location from the first call throughout the process—VERY reassuring and accommodating. He was simply amazing. He understood what we needed and softly gave advice to help us get there. He never rushed the process or pressured us. He also allowed us a pretty wide range to be creative in making Dad’s celebration special. He was very responsive every time I reached out to him. He was an extremely professional representative of McComas and what they strive to represent. The whole team did a fantastic job on every detail. I was especially touched by the video they created after we supplied the pictures. I felt as though they reviewed the pictures and our choices of merchandise and were able to somehow get a really good feel for my dad and know him. The video, the music, and the transitions were done so very well. It meant a lot to us. As stated above, Ryan was exemplary in care. He was more than great. I would be lying to say I haven’t considered going back to college for a career change. The solace that was given to me and our family—I will never forget that. I would love to be able to give someone else that same peace. He was a standup ambassador through and through. And honestly everyone we came into contact with was more than accommodating and helpful. Charlie is the other person who helped our family most directly at the end and he was fabulous too. He even thanked us, complimenting the music we selected for dad’s visitation—music that he doesn’t usually get to experience. It was a touching comment that made me feel that ‘our moment in time/dad’s moment in time’ was special and unique. It meant a lot.

Tina Weibe

January 31, 2022

During the drive to the grave site the drivers took extra measures to ensure that all of the cars stayed together and got there safely. McComas will be our funeral home of choice now. This was our first experience with them. The staff were exceptional! We felt the love! Doug Restrick stepped up to help us when we needed someone to speak for us. His calm demeanor brought so much comfort.

Greg and Karen Blankenship

January 26, 2022

The appearance of my mother was beautiful. The people that dressed and done hair on my mother did a marvelous job on her. Ryan was very patient and kind while dealing with the family.

Debra Hicks Clark

January 13, 2022

Staffing is superb!

Robert Holt

January 12, 2022

The service provided from time of initial contact to picking up all of our belongings after the service was exceptional. The patience, compassion, and support provided by the entire team is what got us through this horrible time for our family. I will never use another funeral home as long as I am in the area.


January 10, 2022

Staff was very supportive and flexible with our request! Everything was good!

Michael Henderson

January 05, 2022

Empathy and compassion are meaningful. Holly McComas walked us through the process—she was most helpful.


January 03, 2022

A relative from Pennsylvania that came to the viewing stated that this was the nicest setup and kindest staff she had ever noted at a funeral home. All staff was professional and kind.


January 03, 2022

Both Cora in person and Carol on the phone are wonderful, calming and compassionate. We are not ready to have a memorial service yet—covid worries, etc. When the time is right I know McComas will do a lovely job to honor my husband.


January 02, 2022

I’m very satisfied with all aspects of how McComas handled my mom’s viewing and service. The most meaningful aspect is the personal relationship and I would like to recognize Cora, Amy, and Howard IV.

Ben Kurtz

December 30, 2021

Howard, Judy, Holly, and staff are luminaries and go over and above the call to duty! They are kind, considerate, and Godly people! Everything was perfect! It could not have been any better!

Johnny Hughes

December 29, 2021

Mom chose most and her wishes were upheld. The staff was phenomenal from start to end. Mom did not want a photo montage so we requested to do one of all the puzzles that she has done over the years. It was beautiful. I want to recognize specific staff and I’m afraid that I will leave someone out, but to name a few...Cora who was very helpful and kind when I called to inform McComas that mom was in home hospice. She checked back in with me, so kind. Melissa Miner on the morning of mom’s passing could not have been more gentle and helpful. Kim who took charge of everything a day or two later. She met every single request we made. I could not ask for a better funeral director than Howard. He was kind, caring, and there for us through the viewing and funeral. Also, Ashleigh who always seems to be at the other end of the phone ready to help. Also the hairdresser...mom was very particular about her hair and she would have approved. The girls that handled our viewing were complimented by all who came.

Judith Murdoch

December 28, 2021

I knew that I would be treated with respect and dignity. I have known of this funeral home since I was a child. I was put in very comforting hands as soon as I walked in. From start to finish, the warmth and caring was phenomenal. Everyone seemed to know what I needed before I did.

Sarah R. Boats

December 24, 2021

I have been to the funeral at others; none stands up to McComas. You can tell and feel the family with them. So caring. I appreciate the way they are concerned that everything is alright. Love that funeral home folks.

Lois Hawks

December 23, 2021

I was very impressed by the employees and their quality of care and concern. Most meaningful was their care and sensitivity. All staff were wonderful, especially the gentleman the evening of the viewing.

Susan Concini DiMaggio

December 17, 2021

Doug Restrick, Funeral Celebrant, was a true gift to our family. He did everything exactly as I wanted it to be and then some. The flower seeds were so perfect.


December 15, 2021

The ashes and death certificate were available in one week. Plenty of time was given so family could view the deceased. Kasi Hughes was wonderful. She gave us lots of time to make decisions. She was very kind and understanding.


December 07, 2021

We had my mom’s service there today and I want anyone interested that my family and I think this place is great. From my first phone call to them for advice thru today at my mom’s service we couldn’t have been more pleased with the way they treated us our guests and our mom. Weather by phone or in person every staff person there went out of their way to be helpful. They made a difficult situation much more bearable by their caring attitude. Thanks to them all

Paul Yanney

December 05, 2021

Holly McComas just gets it! She knows when to laugh with you and when to console.


December 05, 2021

Kasi and Holly are amazing.

Wendy Pangratz

December 04, 2021

The staff at McComas, especially Kim, were nothing short of incredible to my family after my dad's passing. They went above and beyond for my fathers services, and ensured that everything was perfect. They knew how to handle difficult situations and made sure to accommodate the hundreds of people who came out to pay respects to my family. They have amazing customer service and treated us as one of their own.

Summer Twist

December 02, 2021

Cora Gray was wonderful to work with during this stressful time. I could not have asked for more. Thank you.


December 02, 2021

Always a class act! I was completely satisfied with the services provided. They bent over backwards to make everything perfect and accommodated every request. All staff members were attentive and did a great job.


December 01, 2021

Everything was absolutely amazing and perfect. Their attention to detail and professionalism during a hard time was most meaningful. Every single staff member was perfect.

Layne Andrews

October 31, 2021

Everything beginning with our initial meeting with Holly at the Jarrettsville location was superior. The thing that touched me most started in the very beginning when two men came to our home to pick up my husband’s body. After they left I found a beautiful long stem white rose on my husband’s pillow with a note of condolence. There were so many caring McComas staff people catering to my needs. I can’t remember their names, but everyone was exemplary.

Anna Lee Sadler

October 30, 2021

Excellent service and attention to detail. They were compassionate. Overall, Charlie Emge the director attended to every wish. Outstanding. Felt so comfortable throughout the entire arrangement. Charlie was exemplary in every regard. He answered every call. Immediately responsive. Attended to every detail with the importance imparted by the request. Professional in demeanor. Was present from the beginning (picking up our dear mom at Stella Maris) to the final moment she was buried.

Dr. Roman Ratych

October 30, 2021

I would like to recognize Ryan at the Abingdon location. His sweet, gentle demeanor was calming and reassuring. He always made us feel cared for and respected while executing his job guiding us through a very hard time. We wish to add that Mr. Howard’s personal attention also made us feel very supported.

Cheryl Bright

October 29, 2021

There was no pressure from staff to push us in a more expensive way. They answered all our questions regarding different options. We were very happy with all parts of this service. We liked the video service of pictures provided. We also appreciated the laminated obituary cards sent to us. That was a nice keepsake for all of us. Melissa Miner was helpful and kind.

Deborah King

October 22, 2021

When I reflect on our experience with McComas I'm speechless. They care, compassion, thoughtfulness and sense of family was amazing. I am the mom of a daughter that lost her spouse at a young age. To be in that situation leaves you without words. Howard and his team were with us every step of the way. That gave my husband and I the space to grieve our loss and give love and support to our daughter through hers. Hugs to McComas for embracing us and giving us the support to plan and hold a beautiful service for my son in law.

Karen Amoriello

October 19, 2021

This is the second time my family has used McComas in the last 4 years. Each time the service has been exceptional. Their workers are extremely caring when removing the body. There was never a time that we could not call and get someone even when we had a simple question. They did exactly what they said they would do and at the time they said. We never had to worry about any part of the service. Our burial service was out of their area, but there was never a question that they would be at the cemetery when we needed them. They were with us the whole time of the service and burial. They show families the sympathy that many need for this experience, We would not hesitate to use them in the future.


October 09, 2021

We visited local funeral homes and found McComas the most welcoming and personable. Melissa was excellent in explaining the process and very considerate regarding the death of a loved one. She was excellent at a difficult time.


October 07, 2021

The kindness and support they gave made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence in what they were doing. They were friendly and kind and helped me through the process without feeling lost. The director took the care needed to make me feel at ease and I appreciated all she did for me.


October 05, 2021

We received very competent and reliable service to our needs at a difficult time. Kasi is worthy of recognition and was wonderful with all of her attention to our many questions and helped us solving problems. They always answered our many questions and helped coordinate several different people to pull it all together.


October 01, 2021

We picked McComas because they took great care of my dad when he passed. they were amazing with the death of my mother. From start to end they were 100% wonderful. Cora, the funeral director, always referred to my mom as mom; it was so personal and made it feel like family. Cora was amazing. She always greeted us by name and always asked how we were doing.

Dana Iannantuono

September 30, 2021

While trying to prepare for our loved one’s service, we are grieving, often making it difficult to think. However, Cora was able to present us with ideas and suggestions that so accurately captured my husband’s character and personality. My husband’s body could not have been prepared any better. He looked exactly like his handsome self. The attentiveness provided throughout the whole process was pleasantly overwhelming. I always felt like my satisfaction was their number one priority. The word “no” was never a response to a request. Cora and Charlie were extremely calming, helpful, and kind. Their guidance through this very difficult time was far beyond any expectation and truly a blessing.


September 29, 2021

Ryan Hughes and the rest of the staff showed great compassion to our family during this difficult time. We are all very grateful. Everything was a tribute to my husband. No detail was left out. I’m very satisfied with the service we received. Ryan gave us exemplary service.


September 26, 2021

The staff made us feel like we were the only family going through this sad time. They were so very helpful and courteous and friendly. Everyone was helpful and sensitive.


September 16, 2021

The ability to address special circumstances was most meaningful. All of the staff showed us respect and care!

BetteJayne Rafferty

September 09, 2021

Holly and Howard McComas were very helpful.

Michael Georgulas

September 08, 2021

Great service. Exceeded my expectations. The presentation for visitation was most meaningful. Kim Zavrotny and her staff were exemplary.


September 01, 2021

McComas was very easy to work with. One phone call and they jump into action within a very short time. They recovered my mother from the hospital and prepared her for me to come identify her. All was done with dignity and respect. They took the stress out of the process and handled everything quickly and efficiently. Kasi Hughes was fantastic.

Geoffrey DeVinney

August 31, 2021

Not one question or detail that was not handled with empathy and perfection. I would recommend McComas without hesitation. There was a personal “guide” for every detail and question. We needed no second guessing. Cora, Holly McComas, and the McComas family lawyer were all exemplary—it's not fair to leave anyone out, from start to finish!

Joe and Adrienne Wilson

August 29, 2021

I was very pleased with everyone and everything. I thought everything was exceptional. Everyone was very helpful to me.

Nancy L. Dunaway

August 24, 2021

McComas is stellar in their caring and care. I would not use anyone else. They were so understanding and there was no pressure. Kasi was great.

Karen Swingler

August 20, 2021

Holly McComas is A+++. Holly was so sweet and attentive to ALL of our needs. We loved every detail. Special touches like the mason jars with the sand and candles scattered throughout the room—all the special touches were so thoughtful. We loved the photo slide show.


August 15, 2021

They were very responsive to any questions, very patient, very respectful. They really helped us give my father a personal sendoff despite being very simple. I had to have my dad’s body picked up very early—he died early in the morning. They never made it seem like an imposition and were really nice to work with. I wish I could remember all the names of those I’d like to recognize, but I don’t. They were all great.

Jo Taylor

August 11, 2021

I am very happy with all experiences. I knew exactly what my wife wanted and they provided help in every way. Everything was good, but the most outstanding experience was when they came to take my wife’s body away. They were very kind and concerned about my feelings.


August 04, 2021

Kimberly Zavrotny was very informative, patient, and kind. She was very helpful and is an asset to McComas.


August 01, 2021

McComas took care of everything! Their flexibility was most meaningful and we were able to have the service at our church. Charlie was exemplary.

William Keane

July 30, 2021

They let my wife, son, and I go in the day before the funeral to see the deceased. That was especially helpful. Holly was great!


July 14, 2021

We have always been extremely pleased with McComas—great family business! McComas is a very caring and compassionate family business. All of the staff are exceptional.

Barbara Hillstrom

July 12, 2021

The kindness and respect of the staff made a difficult time easier. Thank you to all, especially Charlie Emge.


July 03, 2021

The personal care with communication was most meaningful. Every Staff Member I dealt with was triple A.

Blake Napfel

June 27, 2021

Nothing could have been better. Director Kim Zavrotny went over and above all expectations. Thank you, Kim!

John Good

June 25, 2021

Service was excellent. No issues and all were grateful for the attention to detail. We were happy with all aspects and have no improvement suggestions. Charles Emge was excellent!

Richard Hild

June 22, 2021

They left a rose on the bed when they took away Mom’s body. We dealt throughout with one very nice man, Charlie.


June 17, 2021

From the moment we entered the Bel Air McComas Funeral Home to notify them of our father's passing to weeks after the funeral, we were treated with respect and compassion. McComas was our choice when our mother passed nearly 16 years ago, and we knew that we would have a positive experience again. Ryan, senior funeral director, communicated with us throughout the arrangement process, and he provided updates and insight into how to make plans that were traditional yet also innovative. The video tribute was customized for our family and will provide touching memories in the future. During the viewings, McComas family members stopped by to comfort us and to assure that everything was exceptional. The funeral was exactly what our father would have wanted. My family is grateful for having the support and care of each McComas member, and we would not hesitate to contact them again for anything we need. Alfonso Antonio Roberty May 21, 1926 - May 14, 2021

Cecilia Silva

June 16, 2021

Service was excellent, great patience and customer service. Everyone was very accommodating. Everything was perfect and I can’t think anything additional could have been done.


June 07, 2021

McComas is a well-known family business that offered flexibility. Charlie was most helpful.


June 04, 2021

Everyone at McComas was very professional and caring. They gladly accommodated our family’s personal requests. Sadly, we will be in need of funeral services again in the very near future; McComas will be our unanimous choice.


June 02, 2021

McComas was excellent! The family members are very professional. Their kindness, understanding, timeliness, and flexibility are most meaningful. Holly McComas, even though I did not get to meet her personally, was extremely helpful.

Andrew Sheppard

May 28, 2021

This is our fourth experience with McComas. Each time we received exemplary service. All staff extended needed support for the detail of all that was needed—personalization, professionalism, empathy, attention to detail—all were offered. I wish I could remember his name, but the person who met with us provided thorough explanations, info, etc.; he was very professional in appearance and delivery.

Renee Marchand

May 21, 2021

The personal contact by Holly McComas was most meaningful. There was outstanding follow-up. The McComas reps at the Church were very professional and kind.


May 14, 2021

The McComas Funeral Home “family” was just a blessing to us.


May 01, 2021

Everyone at McComas was thoughtful and kind and considerate of our feelings during the entire process. If I could give a higher rating than Very Satisfied on everything I would. I would specifically like to mention the preparation and appearance of my mom. My mom looked beautiful. She looked exactly as we wanted to remember her and we are very, very appreciative of that. They were all very considerate of what we were going through and did whatever they could to make it easier for us. They never rushed us through anything. They were more than ready to help prepare the room with pictures we had brought (which was a lot) and it was done beautifully. Ryan and Charles were both very professional and yet extremely thoughtful and considerate. They explained everything that would be happening to us in detail and did whatever they could to make it easier for us. Holly McComas was great to work with. She was very helpful and pleasant and always available if I needed to ask a question. Whatever we wanted they were more than willing to accommodate. Honestly everyone there was wonderful.

Annette Komenda

April 30, 2021

Holly McComas was there the second I didn’t know what to do. She was so kind. Everyone was helpful. Amy did a good job of catering and was very helpful and kind.


April 30, 2021

We were not disappointed by the services received from McComas. We appreciate their help in making the service a success. Everything was satisfactory. The staff were very accommodating. Cora Gray was absolutely awesome, and Charles Emge was a great help. They both are the best. They were both very accommodating and made everything turn out great.

Margaret Oyelana

April 28, 2021

My husband’s service could not have been more perfect. The honor guard at the gravesite was amazing. Frank (my husband) would have been so proud. The McComas family and all their staff are just genuine people. They are most kind and respectful during this difficult time. Melissa was wonderful and Howard whom I spoke with the day my husband passed and the day of his services are two whom I’d like to recognize.

Leigh Ann Hiser

April 27, 2021

Every person who dealt with us was kind and patient and very helpful. Melissa Miner did a wonderful job and Mr. McComas and George Haga were very helpful at the service.

Linda Carpenter

April 26, 2021

All the staff were exemplary in performing their service, Holly McComas especially. Their compassion was most meaningful.

Donna Hogarth

April 26, 2021

Everyone was kind, respectful, and worked hard to make sure that everything ran smoothly. We were very pleased with everything. We were especially impressed with the appearance of my mother-in-law. She looked beautiful and very peaceful. Thank you!

Stacey Scarff

April 21, 2021

The McComas staff that came to the house could not have been more professional, courteous, polite, and helpful. I do not remember names but whomever came to the house deserves great accolades.

Albert J.A. "Jay" Young

April 19, 2021

Thank you so very much for the great job that Holly, Amy, Doug and all the staff at McComas did to make our son, Johnny's, funeral service a beautiful and memorable event. We know that our son, Johnny, was right there with us, at his own funeral, and we know it turned out exactly as he would have wanted! Doug Restrick did an absolutely amazing job. He is a very gifted individual. It was as if he actually knew Johnny! The service was just what we hoped for, and we know it was what Johnny wanted too. Amy, who was such a great help, especially with loading all the items into our vehicle after the service, is a very sweet and caring person, which is so very comforting during such a sensitive and difficult time. And last, but certainly not least, the entire event could not have gone so smoothly without Holly's amazing coordination! She did such an excellent job! We could not have asked for more...from the greeting of guests, to the video and obituary, to the beautiful service by Doug, and finally, the perfect reception. Not to mention the beautiful casket, the arrangement of flowers and photos, and of course, the lovely guest book, cards and bookmarks. McComas's service is next to none, and we will most certainly be recommending your service to those in need in the future. Thanks again to each and every one of you! Take care and God Bless.

John, Linda, and Jamie Gerard

April 09, 2021

We would certainly recommend McComas to anyone needing an outstanding family type funeral home. The funeral director and staff are simply outstanding and everyone was sensitive to the feelings of the family, especially the widow. They made a difficult time easier to cope with. When they came to the home, they gently took the deceased out and to their funeral home. I was touched at how gently it was done, as if holding a baby. We also felt like we were the only focus and that is so important when one is grieving. Charles M. Emge Jr. Was a superb professional—caring and so respectful. I can see why he is a Senior Funeral Director. He is a perfect example of how to do things right and dignified. All funeral directors should be like him. I don’t think anything could have been done better than it was.

Jaime Vega

April 07, 2021

McComas Family Funeral Homes was courteous and professional.

Jennifer Denny

April 04, 2021

To the McComas family: My son Bryan and I recently met with Melissa Kennedy at your new Family Arrangement Center in Jarrettsville MD. We met to discuss pre­ arranged funeral plans for me. I cannot say enough about how comfortable Melissa made us both feel while we were in her care, though Bryan was apprehensive in the beginning. In past years, I had worked with Gladden Kurtz for family interments and during the 37 years I sold cemetery lots and dug the graves at St James Church in Monkton. When I found out the Kurtz family no longer managed the business, I was a little set back. When I Googled the McComas family and learned that the two families worked together, and that the Kurtz family wanted the McComas family to carry on their legacy- I was in. At our meeting Melissa was very professional - no question was off the table - no process not described, and no questions not answered. She was deeply knowledgeable, very personable and made eye contact throughout. Melissa made both me and my son feel like we were her only clients and that is saying a lot these days. She is the perfect person for that position. Thanks to Melissa and the McComas family for making this arrangement so easy.

Miles R. Patterson Jr.

April 04, 2021

Service was excellent at all times.

John Salser

April 03, 2021

The most meaningful things were the kindness and understanding of all staff, the follow up after the service, and that mom looked lovely.


April 02, 2021

The entire staff was great and supportive plus very helpful. I would change nothing.


April 01, 2021

Thank you so much for the outstanding service that you provided. Everybody was very helpful to my entire family. Please thank your entire staff. Amy helped me the day of the funeral service by printing my eulogy. Kim was also very good about the upfront details that needed to be addressed. Thank you. God bless.

Edward P. Wunderer Jr.

March 31, 2021

McComas has been wonderful in every way. I cannot tell you how helpful they have been in every way. Things I would not have thought of they have called my attention to and helped me. There was nothing that they could have done that they did not do.

Mary Mack

March 31, 2021

All staff was so helpful and accommodating. From the first phone call to the end of the funeral services, they showed professionalism and compassion during a very rough time. The funeral director guided us through the process with ease. Ryan was more than thorough during the initial conversation. Chris was so helpful during the planning and day of. Cindy Clipper

Cindy Clipper

March 28, 2021

McComas has always done an excellent job for all of our funerals. They are like family and I really appreciate their personal touch and quick response in everything from beginning to end. They make you feel like family, and like you are loved, and that means so much when you are going through the pain of losing someone. All of the staff are filled with genuine love and caring and willing to go the extra mile to help anyway they can. Holly McComas is an exceptional woman, very personable, very loving, and caring. She was wonderful from start to finish.

Wendy Buchwald

March 25, 2021

From the initial contact to committal to the support afterwards, all services went above and beyond any expectations. Most notable was the great care and compassion from every member of McComas’s staff. Their handling of all details and coordination for us was a comfort.


March 24, 2021

There is not any improvement needed. When I walked into the viewing room everything was done to perfection and the video tribute was displayed in such a way the guests could stay seated or walk around. Reverend Deb Lampton touched base with me first and personalized the sermon that made it special. Howard McComas IV was really compassionate and I was glad of his support.

Barbara A. Streett

March 22, 2021

We received exceptional service and could not be more pleased with our experience. Compassion of those we worked with...attention to the smallest details...helpful attitude of everyone involved...these were the most meaningful things to us. Ryan Hughes, Amy, and Howard McComas IV were all fabulous.


March 19, 2021

The team was very professional and supportive. The personal touches and support during the entire process were the most meaningful things to us. Miss Kasi, Mr. Howard McComas, the funeral director and actually all the staff were great.


March 10, 2021

Each member of the staff I spoke to were very courteous, respectful, patient, and answered all questions to my satisfaction. Kasi was very helpful and did a great job in all aspects such as presentation, explanation of forms, and options.


March 07, 2021

Thank you for being kind, respectful, and helpful. Having a celebrant on hand is a meaningful part of their service.


March 06, 2021

The video tribute was very well done.

John Mead

March 05, 2021

Douglas Restrick, funeral celebrant was very helpful. Family enjoyed his comments.


March 03, 2021

Holly was wonderful. Everyone was.


March 01, 2021

Everything was done perfectly. Kasi was awesome and took her time explaining everything and was very sympathetic to our family.

Doug Sharetts

February 17, 2021

I have been to many viewing, the majority at Mccomas in Abingdon. The staff at Mccomas make you feel like family, they are kind, patient and extremely helpful during your time if grief. As far as the way they present your loved ones for their viewing it is done with love and respect. Makeup is not overdone and they take great pride to make your loved one look exactly like when they were alive. Other placed I have been to don't take the love and time when preparing your loved one. I can not say enough about Mccomas at Abingdon. Great people to work with. Thank you for everything you did for my husband Andy Conley.

Shirley Anne Conley

February 01, 2021

Everything was exceptional and made easy. I especially liked the checklist of things to do. At the moment I cannot think of anything that would have improved your service. I don’t remember the gentleman’s name for the cremation service but his thoughtfulness and caring at the conclusion was very much appreciated.


February 01, 2021

Very pleased overall. Charlie is great.

Dina Cavallaro

January 31, 2021

One aspect most meaningful was taking the time to walk me through the process while I was initially in disbelief. They were flexible with timing and truly cared about my feelings. Charles Emge was the one who contacted me the morning my husband passed away. He assured me that my husband would be taken care of and to let him know if I needed anything. I didn’t feel any pressure as there was flexibility and would definitely recommend McComas to family and friends.

Linda Forchheimer

January 27, 2021

All the staff were outstanding, and I was very pleased with the appearance of wife; very tastefully done. Also, they were very accommodating with time and willingness to receive late friends.

Phillip MacKenzie

January 20, 2021

All personnel I dealt with were very calming and considerate.

Wilma Nelson

January 13, 2021

All the McComas staff were great, very direct and helpful.

James Latham

January 05, 2021

McComas has wonderful staff and directors. Holly McComas oversaw the whole process with caring for me and my deceased father. She was so kind and understanding as was Charles Emge. We were treated as if we and my dad were part of their family and that made the funeral process a little bit easier. All the staff at the funeral service and grave site did a great and respectful job. I and my family will definitely recommend them to everyone. Thank you.

Michael F. Donhauser Jr.

January 04, 2021

This funeral was in early December 2020 when Covid-19 infection was on the increase. This complicated things but the staff at McComas navigated these murky waters and made things as safe and ‘normal’ as possible. Our family was extremely pleased with the quality of compassionate service we received when our Mother recently passed. Despite the recent increase in Covid-19, the McComas professionals took every precaution to enable our family to safely mourn our Mother’s passing in a traditional way. We are grateful for the extra efforts expended to make this possible and for the strict attention to every one of the countless details required to make this experience as painless yet meaningful as possible. Holly McComas, Ryan Hughes, and Melissa Kennedy provided exemplary care to our family.

Dennis Xander

December 31, 2020

It is with great HONOR to call McComas the only Family to take care of my Family members. From the first call to receive my sister for her preparation to her final resting place, to the viewing services, and the tribute video, all of it was handled with extraordinary dignity, respect, caring, kindness, and sensitivity. McComas made the most difficult time easier because of their HONOR for my family. They were attentive to our needs during the viewing and so very accommodating to allow us to bring into their funeral home in Abingdon, my sister's Harley Davidson Motorcycle. It was no small motorcycle! The tribute video they helped create with our pictures was as if they knew exactly what we wanted. If we had the time we would have done it the same. The entire staff was caring, sincere, and patient with me every step of the way. Which, I am sure, at times wasn’t easy. Holly - Thank you for everything, thank you for giving me the best way possible to honor my sister. We have all our funeral services with McComas. Would not think of calling or trusting anyone else.

Susan Johnson

December 28, 2020

I was very impressed with everything from this facility! My mom wore lots of rings and the staff took time to put them on her and arrange them so nicely. Also, the kind staff assisted me in displaying my mom’s chicken knickknacks beautifully in the display cabinet so that family could see and take one to remember her by. One of the aspects most meaningful was their willingness to accommodate my requests.

Debra Hartland

October 31, 2020

Cora was amazing and very professional. As a businessperson, I know the value of staff members and she was exemplary in everything, bringing value to this firm. I was very pleased with everything done. I loved that the service was online. My family who couldn’t make it was able to see the service and that meant a lot to them.

M. Williams

October 30, 2020

The customer service of Kim and Amy was wonderful.


October 29, 2020

McComas was worth every penny. They allowed me time to grieve while handling everything. They provided on live streaming for those that could not make it to my husband’s funeral. They took care of an unnecessary post on the tribute wall. I cannot say enough good things about them. I loved that they used Spotify and was able to play Nirvana a favorite band of my husband’s. That was the icing on the cake and made me feel like I did everything correctly. Kim Z, Howard McComas, the lady that helped me choose an urn and answered my questions on jewelry (sorry I forgot your name) the original person that answered I think Melissa. Judy who pointed me in the right direction to get started on his estate -everyone else that I may have forgotten.

Jennifer Mills

October 24, 2020

Everyone at the McComas Funeral Home was supportive, helpful and compassionate. Each person made a most difficult time easier to process. Everyone was so helpful fulfilling requests answering questions, etc. The catered luncheon was wonderful, and it being provided at McComas relieved much stress. Everyone provided exemplary care and service.

Patricia Simon

October 24, 2020

Yes would definitely recommend the firm to family members and friends. Very polite and sensitive to the situation, great at returning calls/emails in a timely manner.


October 24, 2020

The entire team was fantastic—very caring and easy to work with, patient with us as this was our first significant death in our family. We looked at another facility before McComas, however McComas allowed catering and offered to livestream the service so our family overseas could get some closure. They also had a new facility we could use. Howard, Amy, Kim, and Holly were all fantastic.

Jeff Wason

October 15, 2020

I was treated with compassion and sincerity from the time I made my first call until the time we left the cemetery. And that care continues today as Kim has been following up with me. Kim, Heidi and Charles went above and beyond and I am so grateful! I feel the most meaningful to me was that I wasn’t treated as just another customer but more like I was part of their family. I cannot say enough kind things about Kim, Heidi and Charles. The 3 of them were so very kind and so very helpful. It really meant a lot to me.


October 06, 2020

My father's sudden death was very stressful, was very grateful for Holly and her staff's assistance in making this part of his passing as drama free as possible as the family worked through this unfortunate process. Would highly recommend them based on professionalism, accommodations and price. All three very important factors that made the difference to our grieving family.

Toni-Ann Yeary

September 08, 2020

The service was beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for more. Holly McComas was A-1.

Kathleen Smith

August 29, 2020

McComas took great care of my grandmother. She looked amazing and peaceful. They offered suggestions while staying with our needs, they truly listened and eased our process. I haver already recommended and will continue to praise the amazing staff and facility. Directors and staff were so very kind and made an effort to personally reach out to all in attendance. Howard , Holly, Charles and the birthday boy (videographer) I forgot his name but he did a wonderful job!

Kevin and Karen Bowser

July 16, 2020

McComas far exceeded in every area especially since we were dealing with this extreme loss of my husband during this very unusual time. From my first call to do pre-planning which proved to be only two days prior, throughout the entire experience everyone showed the ultimate sensitivity kindness and empathy. They went above and beyond from the beginning all the way through follow-up and could not have done more to make this situation more bearable. I cannot say enough of the entire staff at McComas and am so grateful that they were there for me and my family. They treated us like family and their attention to detail was phenomenal. I felt like they truly knew us and my husband. The Celebrant that performed Chuck's service was so kind and gentle. Everyone thought he actually knew him. The slide show for Chuck represented him in a way I didn't know was possible. As I said there just are not enough words and accolades that I could give McComas to fully capture my feelings. As I explained above - everything they did was beyond any expectation we could have had. There are not enough words to describe their kindness gentleness and true caring for my husband and for all of us as a family. They went above and beyond at every step. Where do I start. When I called Melissa to talk about pre-planning she was so nice and knowledgeable and explained what may occur if my husband passed during this quarantine period. He did unfortunately pass two days later. I received a call from Howard - his kindness was beyond words. The two young men who came to pick up Chuck, Quentin and Chris, were so kind gentle and respectful to me and my entire family at a time and in a situation that was so difficult. They even straightened the bed and left a rose and card. Talking with Kim and then going over all the plans - well she made a very difficult conversation so much more bearable. She was wonderful through the whole process. The staff at the crematory could not have been more kind and help us through a difficult experience. Doug Restrick the Celebrant I can't say enough. He was so kind and understanding and his service-well you'd have thought he knew Chuck personally. The service was beautiful. The day of the service Ryan and Dave made everything seamless. The attention to detail was unbelievable even down to them making up small cards with a guitar pick (m

Christine Brengle

July 16, 2020

All personnel were very helpful in our time of sorrow. Kasi Hughes very helpful, Doug Restrick exceptional speaker.

Ronald Cassidy

July 16, 2020

Wow. When my mom passed last week.. I needed a local funeral home.. but due to some glitches with covid restrictions we ended up deciding to move her to McComas. Best.Decision! They were very very attentive, professional and accommodating. We worked with Melissa, Cora and Kasi.. a great team. Couldn't have asked for more. Also the facility in BelAir wss very nice and very clean. Great place to go .. great team to help you through the grueling process.

Stacy Brooks

June 27, 2020

The associates were awesome with all the children and the prompt services. The whole team was great. My husband was prepared beautifully. Everyone was so helpful I couldn’t think of one thing that needs improvement. Melissa Miner was great.

Dawn Bartholme

May 21, 2020

Everyone we dealt with were great in every way.


May 21, 2020

Charles F. Miner, Jr., Funeral Director, was very sincere and assisted our family, guiding us through every step of the funeral process. Our experience was exemplary! Highly recommended! A++ Everything was done to make our very sad time the best experience possible. It was a very kind, gentle and orderly process. Charles F. Miner Jr., Funeral Director was more than exemplary.

Ann Schucker

May 21, 2020

Professional and responsive, clear explanations of procedures and services, sincere and compassionate, complete description and pricing of services. We appreciated their knowledge, caring and timely assistance. Holly McComas was professional and compassionate. She carefully guided us through the entire process.

Marc Simmons

May 21, 2020

Unfortunately, my mother passed away while the quarantine for the Coronavirus was in effect. I was disappointed that we couldn’t have a gathering. McComas did everything they could to accommodate our wishes.

Cindy Scarff

May 21, 2020

The entire staff was supportive, comforting and helpful. I was expecting that my experience would be awkward and uncomfortable prior to using their services. It was a total opposite experience. I felt very comforted. I would encourage friends and family to have their loved ones arrangements at McComas. Their care and compassion is something that I will always remember. The large screen monitors were such a blessing. We were able to show people who didn’t know my mother who she really was. At this point I am not sure of the staff names, but there was the girl who consulted with us initially and also a girl who ran the funeral. Both were very accommodating and helpful.


May 21, 2020

As a family we were all pleased with everything. We were all very comfortable with all the staff assisting and guiding us through each step. Any request we had was taken care of. All questions we asked were answered and we have no complaints. Kasi Hughes was great! She helped us with everything and very professional along with other staff members.


May 21, 2020

My family and I would like to thank the McComas Funeral Home staff members especially Charles Emge, Jr, Howard IV, Chris, George, Clyde, Amy and also Howard III for making the funeral services for my mom Victoria Lara Panes last 2/28/2020 very memorable and meaningful to all of us. The services you rendered to us were excellent and exceptional. Very accommodating and professional staffs. We were all happy and satisfied to all the services rendered. The place in Jarrettsville was huge and was able to accommodate our big family. I will always recommend this family oriented business. Again, thank you for everything. Dr. Cora Panes Sanchez and Family

Corazon Panes Sanchez, MD

March 01, 2020

When our son passed we didn't know anything about any of the funeral homes in the area. We chose McComas and it was the right choice. From beginning to end Holly was there for us. She helped us through a very difficult time and we will be forever grateful for the kind and loving care she showed to us in out time of grief.

William Fears

February 11, 2020

Over the past 30 years we've used McComas Funeral Home for my father, step-father, father-in-law and now my mother's funerals. They have always been outstanding in their efforts to please the families. Charlie, Holly and everyone went out of their way to make this as painless as possible for the family. Mom and McComas had her funeral planned out ahead of time and everyone ensured all the steps to this process were carried out with reverence and care. True professionals, not looking to upgrade anything. They obtained the necessary paperwork needed by the family and put out a professional video of Mom's life.

Jimmy Helbert

January 13, 2020

Holly and the entire staff were sympathetic, helpful and efficient. Most meaningful was the communication - calls, emails, texts to keep me informed every step of the way. Holly and those that helped with the service were really exceptional.

Andrea Countryman

January 03, 2020

Every expectation was met by a caring member of the funeral home. All aspects were explained and we were given the time to make difficult decisions.


January 03, 2020

I have nothing negative to say. After visitation, many people commented good things. Everything was great, but the visitation room was set up wonderful. 2 video screens up in room was great. We had a large crowd. I felt all personnel was there to take care of me. Cora was so nice to me when I had to identify my husband before cremation. Pre death (Bob) was very informative on phone. Cora was wonderful (pre service, during and follow up). The gentlemen who came to the house at time of death very compassionate – professional.


January 03, 2020

Every person I came in contact with was professional, kind, sympathetic, helpful, knowledgeable and attentive. You made a tough experience much easier.

Amy Lofland

January 03, 2020

McComas Funeral Homes has always been the top of the line in their services provided. Everything was perfect. Charlie Emge so personable and willing to help.

Constance Cloman

January 03, 2020

Very professional place and people. A+ This place would be my only recommendation. Everything they did was outstanding. They could do nothing to improve. Everyone I dealt with deserves recognition, very professional group of people.

Robert Fella

August 24, 2019

McComas Funeral Home was top-notch from start to finish. They made my mom look beautiful and totally at peace. I am totally happy with their services. Everything was professional, yet very easy going. Charles Emge was wonderful. He remembered me and my mom from when my stepfather passed in 2014. Charles made everything simple and straight forward.

Christopher Langdon

August 24, 2019

Mr. Charlie Miner was a godsend to my family. There are not enough words to express how wonderful he was to my family during this time. His patience, professionalism, guidance and calm demeanor were greatly appreciated. Everything McComas provided was meaningful. There is not one thing I would have changed. Charlie Miner was exemplary! Not to take away from the exceptional service received from the other staff - they were perfect as well! The entire McComas staff made sure ALL of my family members and friends were treated with respect and provided each comfort when needed.

Sandra Rodgers

August 24, 2019

I was extremely pleased with everything. McComas did an outstanding job. Their setup of the tables with important honor displays; their concern to make every detail perfect. No improvement needed. I am sorry I don't remember specific names but was extremely pleased with everyone with whom I came in contact. Melissa was initial contact.

Brenda Patterson

July 30, 2019

My wife passed at our home. The staff that showed up performed her removal with kindness and compassion. I cannot say enough as to how genuinely caring they were. A truly caring group of people. The amount of respect they showed while handling my wife and the amount of compassion displayed was exceptional. Holly McComas is an absolutely amazing, caring person. The two young men that took care of my wife, Christopher and Clyde were amazing.


July 30, 2019

Cora was absolutely wonderful during this difficult time for the loved ones left behind. She took a very difficult life experience for my father and our family and made it bearable - taking a huge weight off his shoulders and I thank her for her beautiful spirit. A true Living Angel. McComas took care of my brother's service in 1975 and to come back in 2019 for my mother's service was a blessing for my father and our family. McComas has a caring team and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you

Jackie Abbott

July 11, 2019

Their kindness, their expert advice, told us what they had to offer and prices. Let us decide what was needed. Not high pressure at all! Holly very kind, understanding, professional and helpful.


June 26, 2019

My father looked better than he had in weeks. We had a flower arrangement done in a crab basket and Holly McComas told us to bring a small Crock-pot to put Old Bay and vinegar in to make it smell like steamed crabs. They are a very caring funeral home and we would recommend them to anyone. Ryan Hughes was great.

Bonnie Haden

June 26, 2019

Holly was extremely understanding of the needs of our family. I was very impressed that Howard came by the day of the memorial to "check" on things and spend time to small talk with me. Our memorial service was informal/untraditional and the men who came that day were willing to do whatever I asked of them. Nothing seemed to bother them at my request. Holly McComas and Howard McComas exemplary care.

Patty O'Brien

June 06, 2019

Absolutely outstanding. The Army tribute memorabilia they added on their own to the hearse and viewing room was an attribute to the compassion and care they have for their customers. The gentle, slow, caring instruction as to what's next, where to stand, how things look. I never wondered once what to do next, not once. On such a sad day I was so impressed by their professionalism and respect. Cora and her mentor, even in training that young lady was one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Hats of Cora! Your sweet voice comforted me!


June 06, 2019

They really care. Melissa helped me with pre-funeral arrangements for our mother who suffered 10 years with dementia. Prior to that they took care of our father. Charlie was so helpful. Holly made it all special, all arrangements were made by her so my brother and I could concentrate on saying goodbye to our mother. The care by Holly, Charlie and Melissa was exemplary. They took care of everything that at our time of loss was so hard to think of.


June 06, 2019

McComas's standard of excellence is impressive and consistent! Great experience. Everyone was kind and helpful. They made a very difficult time and experience much more tolerable and bearable. Charlie was amazing. We would definitely work with him again and recommend him and McComas.

Edward Gregory

June 06, 2019

In addition to the kindness and sensitivity of staff at our original meeting, I found the "after care" especially helpful. I thought I would have to navigate through grief and legal matters by myself with help from family, but McComas has provided a written road map. Each employee did his job perfectly.

Barbara Stam

April 30, 2019

Services were for our Dad. Our Mom was very thankful for everything done and was so appreciative of everyone's kindness and attention to detail and emotions of the family. Everyone was so kind and helpful, they could not have been more wonderful. Everyone was great; Kasi was absolutely spectacular !


April 29, 2019

McComas Funeral Home is an excellent funeral home. They are very compassionate and professional. They thought of everything. They went above and beyond to make our sad time less difficult. They surprised the family with a special farm scene on the vault. It was so thoughtful and beautiful. Our family truly appreciated their kindness. Everyone was great. We worked with Melissa Kennedy and Howard McComas IV. They were wonderful.


April 29, 2019

Ryan took time with us explaining everything letting my brother and I discuss things among ourselves. I liked the way the partitions were pulled when the casket was closed. This was a concern. All was done with concern for my brother and I. I felt very peaceful at the funeral home. I am glad they have a Grief Support each month. Ryan was very professional yet compassionate.


April 29, 2019

Our dearest Kylie Rose passed on April 3rd 2019 she was 2 years 6 months and 6 days old. We were lost and had no ideal where to go or what to do with ourselves. Holly was exceptional. She helped our family every single step of the way. We could not have made it through this tough time without her. Sierra and Jordan will be forever grateful of her and McComas Funeral home for giving their baby the best service. Thank you for everything xoxo. With Love, Kylies NaNa and the whole family.

Carolyn Fox

April 08, 2019

McComas Funeral Home did a phenomenal job on the service for our loved one. They went above and beyond what we thought was possible to accommodate our requests. The aspect that was most meaningful was the fact that they went out of their way to be sure we were comfortable and took the time we needed to pay our respects. Every one of the staff members were great but specifically Holly McComas for her compassion and concern for us and Kasi Hughes for her knowledge and gentle demeanor.

Kris Hamilton

February 25, 2019

The detail and courtesy shown could not have been better. There was nothing left to improve. Everything perfect. Arrangements were complicated by fact the body had to be flown to another city for burial. Everything went off without a hitch on both ends. Melissa Kennedy-preplanning, Ryan Hughes, Charlie Emge; all were excellent in all aspects, showing great deal of care and concern.

Jack Summers

February 25, 2019

I am writing today to commend all of your staff that were in attendance during the services held for my brother, Richard Hisley, at Trinity Lutheran Church, on Feb. 15 & 16th. Such kind and sincere people you are. Their demeanor and professionalism was amazing. Both my wife and I were truly touched by the love they showed. We could sense their compassion and understanding . It was palpable and a comfort to our family. I was also struck by the length of time you have been in existence. Amazing! I now know why.

Al Hisley

February 20, 2019

The McComas Family and staff were so very thoughtful and kind during an extremely difficult time in our family. McComas did a beautiful job on our sister, she looked amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind. Their compassion and attention to detail for families and loved ones is superb. Customer service at its finest.

Mary M. Johnson

February 13, 2019

Charles Emge and Cora were just the best you could ever ask for! God bless them for their ability to be sensitive to people’s needs at a time when it is needed most. Charles let us, 3 daughters, help close the casket at the end. He was so kind and patient and soft spoken to us – we will never forget how sensitive he was to our emotions. The entire staff was phenomenal! Hats off to Charles Emge and Cora P.!!

Doris Miller

January 21, 2019

McComas’ reputation precedes them. Never heard anyone ever speak ill of their services. They are definitely part of the community for many years. I was very satisfied. I was not rushed or pressured. They made me feel as well treated as if I were part of their family – that they felt my loss. All were great. Holly McComas not only tucked blankets around us at the cemetery, it was very cold and windy, but took her own scarf off and wound it around my neck.

Linda Sullivan

January 21, 2019

Everybody did a great job!

Ralph Walls

January 21, 2019

They have continued to serve the Community Family the same way the Grandparents did. What comfort and satisfaction to say goodbye to loved ones so respectfully.


January 21, 2019

My wife’s cancer allowed for a pre-arranged funeral. McComas was excellent in all aspects of details, accommodation, follow-through and respect. Specific aspects that were most meaningful included sensitivity to circumstances and needs; responsiveness to any questions or modifications; and follow through across time. All of the staff were exemplary.

Stephen Buchness

January 21, 2019

Dearest Melissa, It’s been four weeks for me to write this letter to you...and I know, gosh how I know of the pain you witness daily in your work, but I needed you to know something. You have a gift, not like the girls gets the rest of humanity gets blessed with. It’s divine because when I saw your heart break with mine, I saw God with me too. When you saw my dad put his youngest boy and name sake in a casket I saw how your heart broke with him too. You didn’t even know us and you’ve been through seeing so families do it, but I saw you and a loving heart I couldn’t believe. When you came after me after parents put me in the back seat and you put your hand to window just to let me know I wasn’t alone kept me alive that first night. I want you to know that your loving face is a gift that will forever bless anyone who gets to see it. Love geeta, Goutumm Karapurkar’s older sister...I am grateful for what you did and who you are.

Ms. Geeta Karapurkar, M.A

Good location to have a funeral home in Bel Air, MD. It serves to be advantage for competition in town. I have already made up my mind to use McComas again, without hesitation. Unlike Schimunek Funeral Home, McComas was more sincere and user-friendly. Foremost, the super friendly welcome I received when arriving to investigate services. All employees gave me a warm, and more importantly, sincere-heartfelt interest in me. “Just warm fuzzies” if you will. Great service from our director, Melissa. Also, great work from undertaker who prepared my mom. Can’t remember his name, but did a super job. Can’t ever remember seeing such a natural look for a deceased person.

Dave W

Charlie was wonderful as he guided us through the arrangements for our loved one. He even arranged for the beautiful military honors. After askiing for our wishes he took care of everything. The memory video was really beautiful.

P scholz

I could not be more satisfied. Everyone associated with this firm was extremely helpful and compassionate. They were extremely sensitive to our grief. The memorial video was delightfully creative and uplifting. I have already recommended them to anyone that would listen to keep in mind for their future needs. Holly McComas in the best! From the moment we entered the establishment we were greeted in a friendly manner and the funeral director that we first met with to select the details of the service could not have been more friendly or compassionate! Charles Emge couldn’t do enough for us - he was very helpful and accommodating. Linda for her patience and assistance with our insurance needs.

Katherine Rausch

All aspects of every person were excellent. There was no need of improvement. They were very patient, informative, understanding, wise, careful to detail and listened well to wants and needs and went beyond my expectations. Holly McComas was outstanding in every way. No one could have topped her compassion or knowledge.


As my husband passed at home, the people who came for him took all the time we needed to say goodbye. Were helpful and empathetic to the situation. Can’t remember names but everyone who spoke to us on the phone or at the home were exceedingly professional and considerate.

Vicki Dowling

I like the special touches you did – bookmarkers, videos, etc. Everyone was so kind and loving. Care, concern, sympathy helped a rough time be a bit easier. Stephen Hughes was awesome. Shirl was so compassionate. Mary Jane Ciufo is a special friend to me.

Mary Folus

Kasi Hughes was wonderful from the beginning to the end. I’m not sure I could have gotten through this without her.

Sandra Cohen

Ms. McComas handled everything so well. She made it a good experience for such a difficult time. Everything was done in a timely fashion. We went on Thursday and by Saturday everything was taken care of. The follow-up has been excellent!

Denise Kirtley

The family did not have to worry about anything. Everything was perfect. All your staff cared!

Regina Quinn

The service (all) was excellent. Everyone was so caring and helpful from our first visit there. Even after the funeral I was given a Thank You package with lots of helpful info. Charlie Emge was always there for me and my children no matter what we needed. Everything he did was excellent.

Shirley Day

I was very impressed with how caring and compassionate all the staff were to our family.

Betty Dunham

The follow up visit was greatly appreciated. Everyone needs help when you start something new. A lot of answers were given to my questions and I was pointed in the right direction. Again, it shows caring and it takes someone’s time. Like a big hug when you really need one. Most meaningful was the time that was taken for the things that were done. To show that thought and caring was taken to show you the understanding and compassion of your loss. The rose that was left on the bed and card will always be remembered and cherished. It showed that it wasn’t just a job, it showed caring for people’s feelings. Everyone that I had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with showed consideration, kindness and compassion which will always be remembered. Thank you.


Charles Miner, exemplary care for answering my questions and not rushing me through this experience.


Thank you for your help with everything. They took pictures of all the flowers and screenshot all of the comments online, and then sent them to us. Also, the bookmarks were a wonderful touch. We appreciate everything McComas did for us. Holly McComas was excellent in handling everything! Also the fact that someone answered the phone at 3am on Saturday impressed us.

Pauletta Adkins

The funeral home is like family here in Harford County. Everything was great, very good.


Very helpful during pre-planning phase and all through viewing, funeral and graveside. Couldn’t be more pleased. If I didn’t know, the level of caring and services throughout, it felt like our family was the only ones being served. I will sing their praises and tell my friends.


The McComas Family are the most caring, wonderful people to work with. Ryan Hughes was so caring and attentive. Truly a professional caring person. Several members of the McComas Family expressed their sympathy to the family which was very comforting.. Ryan was extraordinary; he went above and beyond to accommodate us. Also, Judy McComas was helpful with legal questions.

Arlene Justice

To all the staff, we want to thank you for all that you did to help our family through this difficult time in our lives, Ira Kitts (Dad) looked forward to passing and being with his wife of 70 years. You made that an easy and beautiful thing. Thank you all for your kindness and help.

Belinda Kuszynski

“I can’t tell you how AMAZING you handled my “Hank’s” ceremony. You definitely exceeded and went way above my expectations!! I have told and will continue to tell everyone I know that there is no other place to take their loved one! I feel horrible but I need to give a special, special thank you to the woman who spent the day with me and I think it was “Tiffany” and I am so sorry. But she was FANTASTIC!! From beginning to end, she could not have been any more attentive and helpful to all my needs. She is an ANGEL!! To all of you at McComas – Thank you!!”

Lori Erck

Everything was wonderful. Melissa took wonderful care of us. They made a beautiful background and a custom blanket and signing book for our daughter that went above and beyond everything we could have asked for.


Everyone was wonderful….it’s a shame my husband died but all helped through this difficult time. The professionality was great. Charles and Ralph the video guy were excellent. Most meaningful was all the kindness and care.

Nettie Hall

Everything was "A+"

D.B. Sharretts

I was well pleased with everything and everyone. All was taken care of personally and professionally, and all were accommodating.


Dear McComas Staff: There really are no words to express the gratitude we have for your professionalism, thoughtfulness and caring during the loss of our father, David J. Baur. We have used both McComas and other local funeral establishments in the past, but there is no comparison to the comfort of McComas’ services. Every step is personal, thoughtful, and carried with ease. We will never forget the surprise graveside gifts of the train vault plaque and train whistles. (Our family collects dated Christmas ornaments, and we have chosen to use the train whistle as our ornament this year.) In addition, by providing legal support, you have not only saved us financially, but helped to guide us through the immense maze of estate management. Again, thank you for being there at a most difficult and confusing time. We will always carry you in our hearts, and share our fond McComas experience with others. Sincerely, Heidi M. Holthaus and Family

Heidi Holthaus

To all of the McComas staff, a sincere thank you for every aspect of your caring, professional support through a difficult time for our family. From the first pre-planning meeting with Ryan to the finalizing of the memorial visitations, every staff member understood what we wanted to do and supported us. The video Charlie assembled was inspiring and the ease that Holly and Melissa created when family and friends arrived was comforting. All of you went beyond responding to our needs; you anticipated what was needed and provided compassion, respect and understanding. I cannot thank you enough. Stephen Buchness

Stephen Buchness

It’s never a pleasure to deal with funeral issues but for our friend, Howard, and his staff particularly Charlie Emge for his aid in directing my son’s funeral arrangements. We were exceptionally satisfied with all parts of the service that was given to us by McComas Funeral Home.

Charlotte Dawson

Family owned understands the needs of a family and provides everything needed respectfully and in a loving manner. When picking up, the two gentlemen were caring and respectful. Did not feel rushed or pushed into anything unnecessary. Staff to recognize include Charles Miner to start and everyone in between and ending our family’s needs.

Rita Herpel

McComas Funeral Homes staff exceeded every expectation for my husband’s ceremony. We buried my father 17 years ago had his service here as well as my uncle about 18 months ago. My husband had his first wife’s ceremony here as well. They were spectacular! The attention, the caring, the sympathy and empathy. The details, no pressure! I really felt like they truly cared about me, like a family member would. Love them all!

Lori Erck

McComas was awesome! Could not have found any better organization; very pleased. Kindness, courteous service, professional. Everyone I had contact with was outstanding.

Robert James

Nothing could have improved the services. Everything was perfect.

Jack Mink

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