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Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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Holly and Staff - words seem inadequate to express our sincere appreciation for your help during this very difficult time. Not only were we touched by your professionalism but your personal care of us. You were so willing and quick to answer our questions and offer assistance to be of help. Your prompt response, thoughtfulness and caring will never be forgotten. We can’t thank McComas Funeral Home enough.

Sheila DeCourcey

October 20, 2017

I am very impressed by McComas Funeral Home! I just got an invitation to a “Service of Remembrance” to honor the memory of my loved one. How thoughtful of McComas to do something like this for those who have suffered a loss of a loved one over the past year. They impressed me from the moment they arrived @Ambers house nearly a year ago to pick up my momma and continue o impress me to this day. Thank you to the entire McComas family & Staff for your constant thoughtfulness in every thing you do. Although I hope to not need your services for a good long while. I’ve already instructed my children that they are to use you for my final arrangements when that time comes. Words simply cannot express how very pleased I am with how my family and I were dealt with during the unexpected loss of our mother. Thank you to the entire team at McComas for making the hardest days of our lives as comfortable as you humanly could. Your service to our family will never be forgotten.


I'd like to thank you and your entire staff that handled the arrangements for us. From the beginning, which was my phone call to your Bel Air location, the quick response of Steve to call me right back to set up a time to meet. When we arrived on your parking lot the next morning to make the arrangements we were greeted by your staff outside on the lot and to my surprise said you must be Mr Lancaster, I was amazed with personal service, and he escorted us through the door to a staff member inside which escorted us to the meeting room where we were to meet with you. Your personalized service as well as your entire staff were fantastic.The memorial service was handled very nicely and allowing us a few private moments before the doors were opened was great. A friend recommended me to call on your facility and I am glad I did. I will definitely spread the word as well and Thank You for everything !


I want to thank you all so much for the wonderful job your family did with my father's arrangements. I was very pleasantly surprised with how wonderful my father looked - he looked like "Dad". The staff that helped with all the facets of the services were wonderful. Holly was so gentle and caring with my mother and she was there with Mom every step of the way. She guided my brothers in their various tasks and escorted my mother with a caring hand throughout the day of the funeral. You made such a terrible time for our family easier and we felt supported througout the two days. I appreciated the "matching" hearst to coordinate with the hunter green casket. Holly indicated that they had changed the color of the hearst just for us:) Please thank everyone for their support and for their hard work. Thank you, Howard, for all of your help in the coordination of the various events surrounding the services. You did an outstanding job and that is high praise coming from me. I had very high expectations, given the fact that we were paying a final tribute to my father and it was essential that it be perfect. I believe that together we made him proud and we truly honored the man that my family called "Dad". Thank you.


I wanted to take a moment, while sending the check for Robin's funeral, to tell you how deeply appreciative I and my family are of the way you and your folks responded to our need. There was no question, when Robin decided several years ago to arrange for her funeral, that she would choose you. We have lived in this community with your family for many years and it was the only choice that we needed to make. Your reputation exceeds even your lifetime, stretching back to the earliest days of our country. Little wonder your family name inspires such confidence. In a world of increasing corporatization in the funeral business, you have found a way to remain trusted neighbors. Robin had confidence in you. She would be very pleased with how the funeral was conducted. For me, it was especially heartwarming to have you near at this time of our need. When I was a young man, I was able to look up to a few men in our community as models of honorable manhood. Among them were your dad, Bill Lay, and Paul Ostheimer. I met your dad through the Abingdon Volunteer Fire Department. Bill was the patient fire chief (It joppa Magnolia, when I was an overeager teenager. Paul was the steady-going corporal on my shift at the SherifPs Office. I learned about service, duty, and integrity from those fine men. So, it was a gift to have those same men, whom I respected so much, surround me and my family in our time of deepest need. It was a comfort and a surety in a bewildering time. Please read this to them so they will know how grateful I am to them for their model to me as a young man and their support in my middle years. It moved me greatly to see Howard at the church coming simply to say hello to me again after 35 years absence. To come home and find that some things have not changed made the big change of losing Robin much easier to manage. Let me give you a small example of great significance. My brother,jeff, went one day to deliver something for the service and looked in on one of the chapels hoping to find someone. There, he said, were three men preparing to do something for another deceased person. He quickly backed out, but had the chance to see them bent in what seemed to be a moment of prayer or contemplation before they did their work. Jeff reasoned, if these men are so respectful when no one is watching, then that same respect must pervade all they do for the departed. Faithful in small matters: Trusted with great ones. Please thank Steve Hughes for his help early in the morning and the two men who retrieved Robin on the night of her death. They had to leave their own families late at night to attend to ours. Under the watchful eyes of her family, they took great care to move Robin onto the litter and to carry her out of the house. It was not and easy task, but they demonstrated that kind of respect and dignity that I have been praising you for. And you, Holly, have such grace about you: Your calm voice, your kind smile, and such tenderness in your eyes. In just a few simple acts, you conveyed respect and dignity in all that you did for Robin. Thus, you respected us all. I felt your warmth and care as if we had known each other since childhood, yet we had only met at the funeral home. Thank you for being so charitable and kind to us. There is nothing I would change about the funeral or sister's preparation. It was a beautiful way to say goodbye to her. The chapel was just perfect. The access to your staff was timely and helpful. All the arrangements were conducted skillfully. I hope my letter gives you both pride and assurance that you matter. Please pass may praise along to your entire staff to let them know that they, too, matter in what they do. They are not just doing a job. They are serving their neighbors when they are the most vulnerable and in need of care. Thank you again, for all that you and your colleagues did for my family. Such a hard time was made lighter by your tender care.


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